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My first post! I'm badass!

2011-06-20 01:22:46 by Nighthawken

Hey guys,
I'm going to upload a few songs now.

Since I'm not really sure which genre to label them with, I'd really appriciate some pinpoints or clues as to what they really are. Hehe. But then again, labeling is not important to me - I just figured it might be to this website.

Hope you're all doing swell.
Please check out my real life bands on Spotify/Wimp/Youtube or whatever:

NealSpring (High-School bubblegum punk)
Quiritatio (Hardcorepunk band which turned metal in 2008)

Have a great summer!
Up the punx!

(Heres a picture of a summer-zombie I found.)

My first post! I'm badass!


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2011-06-29 14:18:37

Labeling must not be important, because there are like 5 very basic genres of electronic music on Newgrounds (no experimental, no progressive, etc). Good stuff! Please write more music like Piano Langoliers over the summer! Haha.